Is Path Warm?

by Mister Goblin

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Engineered/Mixed by J. Robbins at the Magpie Cage.
Mastered by Dan Coutant
Additional tracking by Kjell Hansen
Art by Nicole Rifkin based on a photo by Sarah Edmands Martin


released November 22, 2019

Matt Gatwood - Drums, piano on 4 and 6.
Kjell Hansen - Guitar on 5 and 8.
Sadie Dupuis - Vocals on 2, 4, and 7.
Sam Woodring - Everything else.


all rights reserved



Mister Goblin Silver Spring, Maryland

Okay you're a goon but what's a goon to...



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Track Name: Health Class Teacher
The health class teacher said to me
"Morning students, put your hand on your heart and repeat
Say, 'I will never kill myself. I will never kill myself not for any reason,
No matter what happens.'"
Which some of you forgot to do
I guess the rest of us didn’t want to disappoint such a sweet old lady
But now ten years later
With the benefit of hindsight and all the help I got my shit together
Got a job a place to live I even joined a recreational sports team
And without her
Would it have come to pass?
Track Name: Calendar Dogs
You turn your nose up high as we cross paths
A spitting distance and the leash hangs slack
Between you and your kind’s best friend who waves
Half-heartedly at me ‘cause he can’t stop won’t stop
Can’t be bothered for anything or anyone here at all
Your calendar dogs they look so good that it makes me sick
Want to crawl under your porch and just die there like Sounder did
I want to be your human being and pay
Some kind of tribute more than just a half a wave
But that’d be inappropriate
I know that there’s a reason that you can’t look at me as I lick fleas from
Your calendar dogs
We have to stop meeting here like this, right?
Your calendar dogs they look so good that it makes me sick
Want to crawl under your porch and just die there like sounder did
Your calendar dogs are very photogenic
Growing big enough to block the entrance to the paths
Where we used to walk
Track Name: No Crime Here
There is no crime that can’t be made
Even more interesting when you lie to save face
Got the whole world fucked up a lack of trust to tax the dust
That hangs in the air and at the first sign of age
You will be gone and they will be too
Don’t you know you perjured your sweet self in profound detail
And we said what the hell so what he’s just a kid
There is no crime so move it along
Nothing to see and nobody lying dead in the street so you can keep picking south
Or whatever way will entertain your lust for cuts and love for scrapes
And at the first sign of age they’ll all say
Oh you’re too old now
Perjured your sweet self in profound detail and we said oh that’s swell
If you’re dead you can’t defend yourself and someone else decides
What goes on your grave
So what are you in here for and how many chairs did you stack up against the door
Do you lay on the horn because you want to commit murder
Or is there something you want to tell us ‘cause you can tell us before the lawyer gets here
‘Cause when he does I’m afraid that there is no crime
So what would you rather be famous for?
What you made or what you did will live on
But either not both
Track Name: Between You and Me
How we arrived at you I cannot understand
Tongue flapping like a tarp with your head in the sand
Still you’ve risen through the ranks and your trophies radiate
But when we try to talk I just crumble off so keep this
Between you and me there’s a wide gulf and there always will be
Loved you like a sibling since the day we were set loose
Indoctrinated on the roofs of middle schools
But a disc has slipped away and it hasn’t been the same
I thought the air between us wouldn’t ever change
But keep this between you and me
There’s a margin and there always will be
It’s only natural to fight to squeeze shut the spaces that keep us
From knowing what someone else knows and still it’s always okay
Track Name: Any Other Gun
Born on a belt stitched up from stock to breach
Alive on a shelf you were tall enough to reach
I’m guessing I must have been seven types of asleep
Just like any other gun
‘Till I saw you come in and willed you to come close
You looked down my barrel as if to diagnose
Whether I would be good for what it was you wanted to do
Just like any other gun
We’re not all the same
Fed and strapped, it all happened so fast
No breach of contract in our suicide pact
Like any other gun
Now all that I know are the mouths gaped up to me
Guessing I was just born to add death to injury
Now i’m shaking and wishing my means of subsistence
Was something besides being beholden to you
It’s not the first and it will not be the last
You bleach the contacts to cure the cataracts
Fed and strapped it all happened so fast
No breach of contract in our suicide pact
Like any other gun they’ll auction me off
Or strip me for parts
Track Name: Fix Your Face
Oh just fix your face you know it ain’t that bad
Clutch your beagle bones or call your mom or dad
‘Cause of all of the habits you’ve kept well they’re mostly productive I guess
Except for a few
So let’s fix the breaks on your bicycle
We can roll around all maniacal
And menace the crowds all out walking their dogs all too shook to jump into our arms
Still i always get stuck on the same old things and then history repeats like Friday the 13th
Every sequel the same and I die at the end
Except for a few
Fix your fucking face like you’re the only one with a problem here
Pale and moribund
The only way to put the color in your cheeks
Is to smush them together until they streak red so just think on it think on it
Think that you can
Still I always get stuck on the same old things and I lose the whole plot like in Halloween 3
When they took Mike away and we just didn’t know how lonely it’d be
So I’ll fix my face by sheer force of will
I’m insufferable and you love me still
Track Name: The Forgettery
I came in through a chute knowing nothing I knew
Bet I used to do all sorts of things from booster shots to liver spots
But I forgot them all
Still I live within my lane heed the signs obey the paint
Paper planes still penetrate the window pane that hangs overhead
The waterbeds and things that occupied
The attics and basements until it was safe to say that no one wanted
Those things back anymore so they came to the store
Lost my gravity today slipped the leash floated away
It was pretty fun for about half a day
Now I just can’t seem to knot the tie that would tell me who I’ve been
‘Cause I’m not sure that there’s a memory inside me
Something struck with remarkable timing to keep me
Waiting patient for a day that might disappoint me anyway
So I guess I’ll stay
In the attics and basement until it was safe to say that no one wanted those things back anymore
So they came to the store where the rest of us can wait
When is my family going to pick me up
Could this be them
Track Name: SFYL
Well I heard about what happened guess there wasn’t much to tell
Sorry for your loss S.F.Y.L.
While I can’t say that I knew them I know protocol at least
Ten deep breaths or walking but all that shovel talking
Isn’t the same as digging a grave
Like cops in the woods swapping spit for issuing warrants and taking down doors
Is the path warm tell me what do you see if you’d do it to you would you do it to me
Of course
Sorry for your loss service is the cost we pay to be the boss of you
Playing with the safety off or warm yourself by molotov
Anything to ensure that where there’s risk there’s no reward and only punishment
All the time
Tell me one thing I’m doing and a way I can improve
And I’ll return the favor might could even tell you two
Like cops in the woods sharing some porn picking through files
And pulling out yours with the date of your birth and every source of your shame
But they blocked out your face and smudged up your name

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